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It has been a pleasure to work with Ulrike Hoessle serving nonprofit clients. Her work ethic is steadfast and thorough, she is culturally sensitive and she is also adaptable to clients of varying scale and capacity. Ulrike presents a well-rounded set of skills, education and experience that enable her to provide thoughtful, critically considered solutions in collaboration with nonprofit leaders.

Kerry Kozuki, Director of Management Consulting and Services - 501 Commons

Ulrike, thank you so much for your dedication and professionalism.  Your expertise and wisdom helped us to complete some very difficult tasks. I appreciated your point of view and opinions, and how you went above and beyond which resulted in a wonderful fundraising plan.  I am going to miss working with you. I hope you continue to bless other organizations with your insight and organizational skills! Thank you so much from all of us at Birthday Dreams. 

Chris Spahn, Executive Director - Birthday Dreams

Chris Spahn, Executive Director - Birthday Dreams

Ulrike and her co-consultant were terrific, compassionate and creative consultants who
worked by our side for this project. We are grateful to their commitment
and resourcefulness.

Lisa Kranseler, Executive Director - Washington State Jewish Historical Society

Ulrike Hoessle was an essential  and sympathetic guide for our small arts non-profit as we navigated the change from a hands-on working board to a governance board. She worked with us to distill an orderly,  prioritized plan from a boundless to-do list. Her kindly, understanding, and rigorous mentoring left us well prepared to increase capacity and support our mission. 

Vicki Saunders, Board President - Clarion West Writers Workshop

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