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Workshops for Non-Profits

Non-Profits perform vital roles in our society - most of the time with constraint resources and under pressure to accomplish their high-end goals. A strategic planning process, the right management and communication tools prevent a non-profit from operating constantly under pressure because of lack of time, money and people.

Project and Program Planning


You have great ideas, however struggle what the steps are to realize your vision? The Logical Framework or Goal -Oriented Program Planning is a tool widely used for planning and managing simple projects and/ complex programs. It helps to outline the necessary steps to reach results you are aiming for. In addition, many foundations and grant makers require proposals based on the Logical Framework. 

Fundraising Management

Fundraising is more than raising money. It is about connecting with people who share your vision, mission and values. Donor-centered fundraising is by far the most efficient way to generate monetary support for your organization. A well-planned donor-centered fundraising and stewardship plan will result in a broader base of supporters who promote and sustain your mission with their talent, expertise, engagement, and – indeed, money too. We can help to train your staff, board and volunteers and prepare and implement your fundraising goals.

Video Recording

Visual storytelling is the most effective means of communication. Our passion is to create content that is not only thoughtful, fun, and engaging, but is inherently sharable. Working with you from the concept stage to final release, we are dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality product that conveys successfully your fundraising message.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are an invaluable human resource for non-profits. Successful strategies for working with Volunteers follows a cycle of planning, recruiting, training, managing, and evaluating. We can assist you in creating a volunteer management system for a more efficient and respectful use of volunteer time. 




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